Regenerating Your Zix Encryption Key

To regenerate your encryption key:

  • 1.In ZixSignature, click Update Status.
  • Your email address must be in Active status to proceed.
  • 2.Select a ZixMail email address from the Email Address list.
  • 3.Select Actions > Edit Signature from the menu bar.
  • The Edit ZixMail Signature page displays.
  • 4.Select Change Encryption Codes and Signature Phrase, then click Continue.
  • 5.Enter your current Signature Phrase and click OK.
  • If you do not know the correct signature phase, contact ZixCorp Customer Support at to complete the key regeneration process.
  • 6.Enter a new Signature Phrase, following the rules listed at the bottom of the page.
  • Note:You can use the same Signature Phrase as before, if you choose.
  • 7.Re-enter the new Signature Phrase.
  • 8.Click OK.
  • 9.Select Yes to save a copy of your Signature backup file.
  • If you have multiple email addresses for which you need new keys, you should rename this backup file.ZixSignature Manager uses the same filename and location for all backup files.
  • 10.Click OK.
  • The status of the email address is set to New.Within an hour, you are sent an activation email message to this email address.
  • 11.In the activation email message, click the ACCEPT link to validate your new key.
  • 12.After the activation process completes, click Update Status in ZixSignature Manager.
  • The edited ZixSignature’s Status changes from New to Active.You can now send and receive encrypted email messages.

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